YOUTUBE PAARTY: YouTube's 10th Birthday

Insanely low view count? Check.
Incredible wealth of bored eccentrics on display? Check.
Impossible-to-predict mindset of the uploader? Check.
Indescribable, inscrutable, and quite possibly impressive? Likely.

We were gonna put the next YouTube Paarty on April 23rd anyway, but we noticed something timely recently. The date of the very, very first YouTube video ever uploaded — called “Me At The Zoo” — hit the service on April 23rd, 2005. Trust us: we’ve had flimsier excuses for theming events, but this one seemed important! After a few episodes of our public YouTube spelunkings, we still haven’t exhausted our juicy cache of bookmarks begging to be audience test-driven. Come bug out with us — there’ll be snacks.

Watch “Me At The Zoo”, the very first video ever uploaded to YouTube!
YouTube Preview Image