XTRO (last-known surviving 35mm print!)

Ultra-rare 35mm print from Down Under — possibly the last known surviving print in the world! Both a gooey, twisted freak-out and a fevered potpourri of concepts, Harry Bromley Davenport’s notorious XTRO is a must-see for all fans of crazy shit. Playing out like a “best-of” the science fiction and horror genres, the film focuses on a young boy who witnesses his father being abducted by a light from the sky. Three years later, that light returns and plants a seed in the ground. That seed grows into a horrible creature. That creature then impregnates a woman. That woman then gives birth to a fully-formed version of the father, just as we last saw him. And that’s just the set-up! Cue the truly insane E.T.-ripoff-by-way-of-Carrie, balls-to-the-wall, family-drama-cum-outer-space-splatter stuff to follow! Technically, XTRO never officially landed on the Video Nasties list, but the film has famously been presumed to be for decades, and for good reason: Roger Ebert began his review of the film by stating that “XTRO is an ugly, mean-spirited and despairing thriller that left me thoroughly depressed.” So — that’s a bad thing?
Dir. Harry Bromley Davenport, 1983, 35mm, 84 min.

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