Wrong Cops (filmmaker Quentin Dupieux & cast members in person, 12/27)

“Wonderfully weird and wacky — from a director known for Rubber, a movie about a killer car tire, one would expect nothing less than the random absurdity, off-color humor, and farce that Wrong Cops is full of.” – Alex Koehne, Twitch

After directing just a mere handful of features, Quentin Dupieux has immediately established himself as one of the world’s most fearless cinematic surrealists.   His previous works Rubber and Wrong effortlessly set the template for a movie universe in which airy visual rhythms, dark electronic beats (courtesy of Dupieux’s musical alter-ego Mr. Oizo) and an upside-down, pranksterish wit are all the blissfully ridiculous norm — and now, with Wrong Cops, Dupieux once again tackles the absurdity of life in the d’oh!-zone, this time with a curiously dystopian bent.  In the near-future, when all crime is eradicated, what is the, bored idle police class to do?   Deal drugs, dry-hump cars, make dance music demos, cover up for accidentally shooting their neighbors — you know, the usual.   With a motley cast of outrageous funnymakers (including Eric Wareheim, Eastbound & Down’s Steve Little, Dupieux regulars Eric Judor & Mark Burnham, and even Marilyn Manson), Wrong Cops is Cinefamily’s way of sending off 2013 in seriously silly style.Filmmaker Quentin Dupieux & cast members TBA in person!
Dir. Quentin Dupieux, 2013, digital presentation, 79 min.

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