WRATH: The Miracle Woman

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The second of five collaborations between Frank Capra and Barbara Stanwyck, The Miracle Woman is vigorously powered by Stanwyck’s forceful presence… and her WRATH. Enraged by the lack of respect her minister father receives, even on the occasion of his death, Stanwyck’s character renounces religion right off the bat—immediately signaling that, yes, we are truly in a Pre-Code film—and starts conspiring with a con man to invent a new persona for herself, the titular “Miracle Woman.” In love with a blind man and an inspiration to the masses, the Miracle Woman masquerades as a miracle-maker with abandon, but she’s not as happy-go-lucky as her charming personality suggests. To wit, the money-hungry conspirator she’s teamed up with adds a much darker layer to the film, edging his starlet closer and closer to a fury-fueled demise.

Dir. Frank Capra,1931, 35mm, 90 min.

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