WR: Mysteries of the Organism

A radical, sexual trip that was banned before you could say “life without fucking isn’t worth a thing,” Yugoslavia’s perpetually censored director Dusan Makavejev confronts postwar psychosexual politics with his satirical WR: Mysteries of the Organism. Though based on the writing of Freudian disciple Wilhelm Reich (The Mass Psychology of Fascism, The Sexual Revolution) and interspersed with Stalinist propaganda film The Vow, don’t prepare yourself for dense allocution, folks: lovemaking kaleidoscopes across the screen; our hyper-political Milena (Milena Dravic) incites a free-love chorale; there are penis molds, arty, sexy fever dreams, and tributes to masturbation; all unfolding slyly between deeply sarcastic mockumentary-style interviews with everyday townsfolk – each of them hilariously amazed by the healing powers of a new orgasm machine.

Join us for WR: Mysteries of the Organism as part of our Fight the Power series, and see for yourself that “Abstinence is unhealthy, unhuman, and counterrevolutionary!”

Dir. Dusan Makavejev, 1971, 35mm, 84 min.

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