"Withnail & I" + live Greg Proops podcast taping!

In addition to being one of the mind-warpingly quick-draw improv comics on earth, Greg Proops is The Smartest Man In The World — or, at least, that’s an apt moniker for his lugubrious, salacious, verbacious weekly podcast. First up, Greg records his latest episode live on the Cinefamily stage, and then it’s time for an ultra-rare 35mm screening of Withnail & I, the superlative British ode to inebriation, starring Richard E. Grant in the performance of a lifetime. Greg sez: “The mad story of mad people in Mod London, in 1969. Grant is unforgettable as the self-absorbed maniac Withnail. Paul McGann is his best pal and partner. Beer, quadruple gins, fine wines, dead chickens, giant spliffs, eels in the trousers and lighter fluid — this movie has it all. Ralph Brown is immortal as the mortifyingly creepy drug dealer, Richard Griffiths will delight you as the pervy Uncle Monty, and Grant is fixed-bayonets over-the-top. Grand fun. If it doesn’t remind you of your own misspent, drugged-up youth, I will try to refund some of your money.” Proops will deconstruct, reanimate and regale this fine classic, plus tackle 467 ancilliary tangents in an expert flick of the verbal wrist. Be there!

Q: Does Greg talk over the movies, like the Doug Benson Movie Interruption?
A: No. It is a recording of his podcast, followed by a screening of the film.

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “Withnail & I”!