Witchfinder General


A nasty, tasty little bit of late ‘60s Inquisition-sploitation, Witchfinder General mixes the period horror film and revenge picture to devastating effect. Vincent Price headlines as the titular persecutor who roams across medieval England to purge small villages of their possessed. It quickly becomes all too clear what he really is: a total bastard less concerned with battling demonic forces than with profiting off of specious claims of witchcraft — and when he callously violates the fianceé of a British soldier, the real drama kicks in. Price, never one to be associated with “light and frothy”, brings a potent, camp-free villany as he exploits, threatens, and murders his way through what is arguably the darkest ninety minutes American International Pictures ever foisted on a unsuspecting movie watching public. Piled on top are authentic English countryside locations and a supremely grimy Dark Ages vibe, which all tie Witchfinder General together into an indelible slice of humanistic medieval evil.
Dir. Michael Reeves, 1968, 35mm, 86 min.

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