The Witch Who Came From The Sea

The most colorful trip about about a waitress’ psychological disintegration into castration mania ever committed to the screen! Millie Perkins (The Shooting, The Diary of Anne Frank) plays the tormented woman, whose repressed memories of childhood abuse begin to surface in some pretty undesirable ways, compelling her to pick up a razor and go after some of the men she sees on TV everyday. The Witch who Came from the Sea could certainly have never been made in a Hollywood studio context, and it’s a gigantic anomaly even among drive-in films; while it was marketed (when it was marketed at all) as a psychotic slasher film, it doesn’t really slip easily into any single genre, for it has as much Repulsion and Persona in it as Psycho. Thanks to a poetic touch, striking Malibu-shot visuals (courtesy of expert scope cinematographer Dean Cundey in his first major job), and a fine central performance from Perkins, Witch avoids sliding into either grindhouse sleaziness or unbearable pretension. And it’s completely, unforgettably messed up!
Dir. Matt Cimber, 1976, 35mm, 88 min.

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