Willow Creek (filmmaker Bobcat Goldthwait in person!)

“While I was never sure what to expect at any moment in the film, never in a million years would it be that Bobcat Goldthwait would turn in one of the best found footage movies ever — Willow Creek delivers on every level.” – Don R. Lewis, Film Threat

Comedian/filmmaker Bobcat Goldthwait (God Bless America, World’s Greatest Dad) deftly mixes a naturalistic take on the found-footage film phenomenon with genuine scares and charming detours through the woolly world of cryptozoology. Jim and Kelly are a headstrong travelling couple in over their heads while shooting footage for his upcoming Bigfoot doc — amongst interviews with colorful locals and violent run-ins with even more colorful ones, it’s apparent something’s terribly awry in NorCal, as the couple retraces the steps of the ‘60s filmmakers who legendarily filmed the beast in the wild. A longtime enthusiast of both Sasquatch lore and genre films, Bobcat clearly translates the great fun he’s having onto the screen, as he concocts a taut thrill-ride loaded with electric tension, documentary asides and even bravura moves like the film’s centerpiece 20-minute long take.
Dir. Bobcat Goldthwait, 2013, DCP, 80 min.

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