Wild Style (director Charlie Ahearn and co-stars Patti Astor & Cold Crush Brothers in person!)

Joyous, raucous, and explosive, Wild Style is the movie that made Hollywood wake up to hip-hop. A fixture of the scene for nearly half a decade, downtown NYC director Charlie Ahearn had unique access, offering us a living, breathing document of early hip-hop history. The film is essential text: ZEPHYR’s animated titles rivaling those of Saul Bass; the epic Williamsburg Bridge park jam climax with Rammellzee in a trenchcoat waving around a sawed-off; Chief Rocker Busy Bee at the Dixie Club; the Cold Crush Brothers and the Fantastic 5 battling on the b-ball court; Grandmaster Flash on the ones and twos in his kitchen; and, of course, glorious graf galore. After the film, join us for an afterparty with director Charlie Ahearn, co-stars Busy Bee, Fab 5 Freddy & Patti Astor, along with other special guests TBA!

Dir. Charlie Ahearn, 1983, 35mm, 82 min.

Watch the trailer for “Wild Style”!

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