Wild in the Streets

“America’s greatest contribution has been to teach the world that getting old is such a drag.”

Imagine… POTUS Jim Morrison, “peace and love” re-education camps for everybody over 30, and mandatory LSD consumption for all. With baby boomers making up the majority of America, it’s more possible than you might think! A 22 year old millionaire rock singer (who makes his own LSD) works to lower the voting age to 15 and major changes ensue, in this savvy satire of the clashes between generations and the boom of 60s youth culture. Along with the drive-in classics The Trip and Psych-Out, this is another American International Pictures (AIP) counterculture cash-in, and written by Robert Thom, who, with his acerbic purple prose, was one of the most talented and entertaining players on the AIP payroll. With Oscar nominated editing, an eclectic cast including Hal Holbrook, Shelley Winters, Dick Clark, Ed Begley and Richard Pryor, and minor hit single “Shape of Things To Come,” Wild in the Streets is an absurd, campy time capsule. Or a sign of what’s to come…

Dir. Barry Shear, 1968, 35mm, 97 min.

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