Wiener-Dog (free MEMBERS ONLY sneak peek with Todd Solondz & Danny DeVito in person!)

NOTE: This is a private event. Due to popular demand, this is now a members-only screening. Cinefamily members will receive access on a first-come, first-served basis.

The final installment in the “trilogy” initiated by Welcome to the Dollhouse and Palindromes, Wiener-Dog returns to Todd Solondz’s trademark world of dark absurdity and ensemble drama. Solondz traipses through four vignettes like fables and fairy tales, except instead of a fairy there’s a dog: a wiener-dog, much in the spirit of Bresson’s donkey in Au Hasard Balthazar. Like the expertly-cast characters, at the mercy of the existential despair that accompanies contemporary life, the wiener-dog is defenseless: short-legged, dependent, sickly. But he’s a trooper, on a surreal roadtrip across America that brings him from owner to owner—including a mother played by Julie Delpy, who delivers an unforgettable tale of her own childhood poodle’s trauma; Danny Devito as a disgruntled, washed-up college professor; Ellen Burstyn as the bitterest of grandmothers; and Zosia Mamet, her cracked-out granddaughter, toting a conceptual artist boyfriend who, in a typically Solondz-ian touch, goes by the name of “Fantasy.” Despite a backdrop of unremarkable American landscapes, Carol cinematographer Ed Lachman beautifully lenses what is being called the angriest—and we’d add, the funniest—of Solondz’s iconic films.

Dir. Todd Solondz, 2016, DCP, 90 min.

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