Wetlands (11/1)

“Like its protagonist, ‘Wetlands’ expresses a profound distaste for following the rules and an exuberant playfulness, making this adaptation of Charlotte Roche’s novel a journey that is as joyful as it is raunchy.” — Sundance Film Festival

A whirlwind, frequently hilarious coming-of-age journey — “the filthy Amelie”, if you will. A decidedly liberated 18-year-old, Helen’s personal concourse of sexual freedom is smeared with bodily excretions and pronounced over moments of punk rock deviancy, challenging every preconceived notion of what it means to be safe in an increasingly sterile world. Even the most liberal of butts will clench as a careless grooming mishap lands Helen in the hospital with an anal fissure, providing her with ample time to categorize her exploits and attempt to reunite her often-absent, always-manic divorced parents. Helen’s story, in all its uncomfortable glory (staged in snappy, day-glo fashion by director David Wnendt) encapsulates the constant struggle between the expectations of civilized society and vital instinct — leaving us to question whether a preventative squirt of Purell will make up for our collective frailty.
Dir. David Wnendt, 2013, DCP, 105 min.

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