Welcome to the Dollhouse (Encore!)

Even the most bullied kid at Franklin Junior High wants nothing to do with Dawn Wiener, the painfully awkward anti-heroine at the center of Todd Solondz’s black comedy, Welcome to the Dollhouse. Still unconsciously donning the naive, Lisa Frank-inspired clothing of her childhood in the uncharted world of pre-pubescence, Dawn’s extreme outsider status similarly bleeds into her family life, where this sole member of the Special People Club can’t even catch a break from her own mother. Branded as “Wiener Dog” by aggressive and excessive tagging on her locker, Dawn is a conduit for the rage and confusion found in Solondz’s unique brand of adolescent pain that still, somehow, taps into a universal coming-of-age experience.

Dir. Todd Solondz, 1995, 35mm, 87 min.