"Shaw 'Nuff": A Weird Weekend Shaw Brothers Double Feature (MEMBERS-ONLY SCREENING)

Lars Nilsen of the Alamo Drafthouse concludes his Weird Weekend celebration with a double shot of pure prime ‘70s chop-socky overload! Hong Kong’s Shaw Brothers was the source of countless classics of the kung fu genre; they’re the folks behind amazing films like The One-Armed Swordsman, The Five Venoms and Shaolin Master Killer, to name but a very few. While you might’ve enjoyed some of these flicks over the years on TV or on your computer monitor — when’s the last time you soaked up the full electric experience that is a Shaw Brothers film on the big screen, in 35mm? Join us and Lars, as we party with two back-to-back blasts of martial arts madness — film titles to be announced at the start of the show!

Tickets – free for members +1 (first-come, first serve) NOTE: you must have a current Cinefamily membership to gain admission to this show. If you’re not a member, we’ll have staff on-hand at the box office for you to re-up your lapsed membership, or sign up for a new one (hint-hint!)