Weird Weekend, Day 2: Sunday Smutty Sunday (feat. Confessions of a Young American Housewife & Wild Pussycat!)

Co-presented by Suicide Girls

Come check in with the Suicide Girls at their table on Cinefamily’s back patio throughout the show!

4:00/4:30pm-ish – SWINGING CO-EDS
Lars says: “This absurd, grossly politically incorrect and episodic German “Schoolgirl Report” movie must have been pretty strange even before its American distributors got ahold of it. As it exists now, cut, rearranged and dubbed (in Atlanta!), it’s like a rambling lie told by a retarded child. But for all the humor value of the transposition, it works on its own terms as a sex comedy, mainly because of the good humor and, let’s admit it, ice-cream-like delectability of the actresses. Though all are good, Christina (Thriller: A Cruel Picture) Lindberg walks off with the show, even while saddled with a dubbed Southern accent that would embarrass Foghorn Leghorn!”
Dir. Walter Boos, 1972, 35mm, 67 min. (U.S. version)

Lars says: “Nobody made adult movies like Joe Sarno, who, starting in the mid-’60s, created his own unmistakable style of stylish, ultra-imaginative psychodramas.  Regular Weird Wednesday viewers at the Alamo have seen some pretty over-the-top sex movies, but there aren’t many sex movies that work on you like this one.  Sarno, ever the master of the kinky situation, concocts a whopper: a neighboring pair of swinging couples are dreading the arrival of their new houseguest, the attractive mother of one of the wild wives. They’ll all have to stay dressed and stop their round-the-clock boneathon — or will they? The attention Sarno pays to characterization and context really pays off.  It’s an amazing experience that should not be missed.  Bring a date, a raincoat, or both.”
Dir. Joseph Sarno, 1974, 35mm, 105 min.

8:00/8:15pm-ish – WILD PUSSYCAT
Lars says: “From Greece comes this amazing, kinky, violent psychosexual soap opera full of unspeakable perversions, dark secrets, two-way mirrors, orgies and 40-weight sleaze.  There’s even an adorable pussycat, who purrs and licks her paws as the worst kinds of depravity unfold in front of her!  When good girl Nadia investigates her sister’s death and finds out that sadistic pimp Nick is behind it all, she straps on the leather and whips/beats/freaks him at his own game. Sounds great, huh?  For me, the best part of this movie is the CONSTANT cigarette smoking: a rare treat that you won’t find anywhere else. Who else is bringing you Greek S&M revenge movies?  It seems like a good opportunity to formally beat our chests and announce that when it comes to providing high-quality sexploitation cinema, Cinefamily and the Alamo are the alpha gorillas. Other theaters around the country may chew the bamboo and act tough, but they know that if they try to come near our females, they will be beaten senseless with a thighbone.”
Dir. Dimas Dadiras, 1968, 35mm, 88 min.