Watchin' Stuff: Found Footage Battle Royale WINNER!

Our latest round of the Found Footage Battle Royale (held on Sunday, July 3rd as one of the many, many events of Everything Is Festival!) brought out fierce competition, and a panoply of crazy and intense video. Some of our favorite bits included Black Magic Rollercoaster’s logic-defying clip of a lawnmower in flight, Son of Ghoul Skool’s bonkers trash-compactor of the Spider-Man childrens’ workout video (“Sling Stance! Dock Knocker! Dock Knocker! Sling Stance! Sling Stance!”), and Zack Carlson’s “pickle party” excerpt from “Carniege Deli: The Musical” —

The winner of the whole affair was Cinefamily’s own Zena Grey, whose homemade mash-ups wowed, zowed and plowed the crowd with their sweetly warped takes on both the subjects of menopause and Xtian pre-teen sugar shock. Check out the winning videos below, plus Son of Ghoul Skool’s “Spider-Man Inc. Training”!

Zena Grey: “Menopause: Woman To Woman”

Zena Grey: “Donut Hole”

Son of Ghoul Skool: “Spider-Man Inc. Training”