VideoSonics: Xiu Xiu VS Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees

Co-presented by WOAH & TigerBeat6.

Pod Blotz – Funeral Parade Of Roses (Matsumoto, 1969)
Suzy Poling

Xiu Xiu – Under Blossoming Cherry Trees (Shiroda, 1975)
Feat. an original score by Xiu Xiu

Live For Each Moon VS Crocodile (Ki Duk, Kim 1996)

Special invitation sneak peek of Mila Zuo and Angela Seo’s new short film exploring the dark undercurrents of Asian fetish, Carnal Orient. Feat. a score by Angela Seo.
Check out the Kickstarter for Carnal Orient!!

After the show stick-around for a reception party on the patio featuring more subsequent stimuli screened inside. Carnal-oriented beverages, snacks, snip-its and peeks… among other corporeal treats… will be showcased and sufficed to benefit festival submission funds for Carnal Orient.

Watch the Cinefamily original trailer!