VideoSonics: L.A. Takedown VS The Hitcher

L.A. Takedown—no, not the 1989 Michael Mann thriller—is a music project led by Aaron M. Olson. Cinematically minded—the group’s recent release was a 42-minute single track set to a super edit of real-time sunset footage shot in and around LA, Ventura, Wonder Valley, Birch Bay, WA, and Belize—the group is a natural choice for VideoSonics, our forward-thinking iteration of the live score phenomenon.

The group’s seven musicians—all cinephiles—could have deliberated endlessly when choosing a film due for some visual/sonic experiments, yet they found common ground with The Hitcher: “A devastating and concise bullet, a semi-spectral killing machine, sun bleached desert-scapes, the annihilation of swathes of highway patrolmen, bifurcation via semi-truck… The film is an energetic and brutal potpourri of genre magnificence that turns a cat-and-mouse chase into an existential nightmare” (Matt Hewitt, UCLA Film & TV Archive).

Dir Robert Harmon, 1986.

Watch the Cinefamily original trailer!