LOST & FOUND FILM CLUB: VIDEONS: An Evening with Steve Beck

Electronic “polymediast” Steve Beck has been sculpting video and multimedia works with electrons since the pre-digital era in 1967, and tonight, he’ll present an eye-popping overview of his most incredible visual innovations. Join us as we take a trip from the analog age into early computers, the video game era, and beyond! Beck started out working light shows for the likes of Jimi Hendrix, and found a home in Northern CA’s vibrant 70′s experimental film scene, where he channeled the spirit of fellow luminaries Jordan Belson and John Whitney to develop his own revolutionary direct video synthesizer. His resulting Videons™ incorporated music, live performance, poetic imagery, and computer technology to form a hybrid of sound and image he dubbed “illuminated music.” For this rare screening event, we’ll see pioneering digital video weavings, visual jazz from the first-ever live televised video synth broadcast, a break dancing animation created on an Apple II, and best of all, we’ll meet a true pioneer of the moving image, as Steve Beck joins us in person for a Q&A!

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This Lost & Found program is a special digital presentation, sourced from original video masters. Bonus 16mm shorts TBA! Images above © Stephen “Steve” Beck.

Illuminated Music 1 (1972) 8min.
Shiva (1973) 4min.
Anima (1973) 9min.
CYCLES (1974) 10min.
Video Weavings (1973-1975) 8min.
UNION (1975) 9min.
Video Ecotopia (1976) 7min.
Voodoo Child (1982) 7min.
The Lone Breaker (1985) 5min.
Brain Soma [excerpts] (1991) 3min.
NOOR (Light) Part 1 of a Trilogy (2011) 7min.
Bieru Nippon (2012) 7min.
“Solaris Series Videons: 4K 091412” [excerpts] (1992-2016) 3min.
NOOR for Cairo Grille (2014) 4min.
Moji Mation (2015) 3min.
NOOR in the Gardens of Paradise [excerpts] (2007) 4min.

Watch the original trailer! Videon clips © 1972-2016 by Steve Beck.

Artist’s Note: This show is dedicated to my mother, Mrs. Lorraine L. Mandarino Beck, in honor of her 89th birthday.