Living proof that the less budget to go around, the more you must rely on creativity to create something truly unique and beautiful. In 1991, filmmaker Glen Gruner armed himself with an 8mm camera and an avalanche of acid-washed jeans to make what can best be described as Slacker meets Batman (replace Austin, TX or Gotham with Union, Missouri.) In this quaint cesspool of car thieves, murderers and all-around bad dudes, only an orphaned homeless high schooler named Scooter Spielberg (Gary Wolf, heartthrob Scott Wolf’s brother!) can bring order to chaos. When Scooter recovers a pair of magical boots from the charred remains of some unlucky bastard, he now has the power to drag his butt along the ground very quickly around town in order to fight crime. Yes, there’s many things to confuse you about this film. Many, many, many things — but once you see Scooter fueling his boots with RC Cola, the inner kid in you will not give a shit. This is really one of the most underrated films we’ve ever seen, and we’re amazed this hasn’t been shown before.
Dir. Glen Gruner, 1991, analog presentation, approx. 90 min.

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