“A discredit to really talented drag queens everywhere.” – reviewer “Torresongs”

This might be the weirdest movie we’ve ever done here at Video Nights. Hell, could it be the weirdest movie ever played anywhere? How do we even describe this?! A drag queen who calls herself “The Plug Lady” (don’t worry, you’ll NEVER forget her name) moves to the Big Apple, in order to live out her cabaret star dreams. How does she achieve this goal? By leaving drill-to-the-forehead, disturbing “comedy” messages on the club owner’s voicemail, of course. It’s an unfettered, mad vision of a film that combines non-stop innuendos, word jazz, performance art, and late-’90s no-budget filmmaking in a way that is rarely, if ever seen. Conversations between characters seem so pointless, yet so hypnotic — so verbose, yet so mealy-mouthed — and the entire plot unfolds as if a stroke victim blinked the whole thing one “one for ‘yes’, two for ‘no’” at a time. Definitely the first in what we call “RuPaul Pupkin Cinema”. Come in drag and we’ll give prizes! It’s the Pluuuuuuuuug Laaaaadaaaaaay!
Dir. Anthony Saladino, 2004…?, analog presentation, 86 min.

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