VIDEO NIGHTS SPECIAL: Wham City LIVE! + "Creating Rem Lezar"

There are times when you enter the Cinefamily doors, and you’re not entirely sure if you will leave as a human. You may enter as a mortal, but after an endless barrage of recently-uncovered gold, many patrons leave the theater on all fours grunting like hungry baby gorillas. It’s been a while since we’ve turned this place into a zoo, so this show makes up for lost time. First up, Baltimore’s freak comedy collective Wham City Comedy LIVE. After unleashing their amazing shows across the country, these nutballs now do outrageous Adult Swim “Infomercials” too. (BTW, if you haven’t seen their latest, Unedited Footage of a Bear, stop what you’re doing and watch the shit out of it.) WCC’s been to four out of five Everything Is Festivals, and there’s a reason why we keep bringing them back.

Hold on, kiddo, there’s more! The 45-minute musical Creating Rem Lezar is so fucked in every way, it doesn’t seem real. Try and read the synopsis without shivering: Two children in need of Ritalin have synchronized daydreams focused around an eerie grown man in blue spandex and a Jheri curl. The kids join forces by hiding in an abandoned shed to create a effigy, and fall asleep while singing to it. When they awake, their heads are perilously waaaay close to Lezar’s real-life groin, and they all quickly run away to NYC in search of a medallion needed to keep him alive. Running away to NYC, they encounter hip-hoppers, doo-woppers and violinists, but their journey leads them to the Twin Towers, where an evil spirit Vorock plans to thwart their plans of…imagining? Every literal frame of this is gold; it’s no surprise why found footage fanatics claim to this be the holy grail of fucked-up kids’ films. Trying to explain it is like trying to explain a rainbow, or love, or a NAMBLA convention.

(You might be wondering what Wham City and “Creating Rem Lezar” have to do with each other, and the answer is nothing. Trust us, it just works.)

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for the show!

Watch a very creepy excerpt from “Creating Rem Lazar”!
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