VIDEO NIGHTS: Ronny Camaro and Seven Angry Women (filmmaker/star in person!)

When you dig up an unknown 99-cent-bin movie that lists the same person as writer, director and star, you’re guaranteed to strike gold — and once we snared this shiny nugget, we jumped for joy like toothless prospectors in the 1880s. Seriously, if a scientist cabal were to steal a baby and feed him nothing for the next 30 years but Birth of a Nation and Deuce Bigalow, you wouldn’t get a protag half as shocking as Ronny Camaro. Ronnie and his best bud really want to get their own place, so they hatch a foolproof scheme: 1) rub armpit and ball sweat all over each others’ bodies to attract women; 2) sleep with rich women who’ll give them money in return for being so good at fucking; 3) use said money to live the dude lifestyle. Between the random scenes shot on green-screen, the endless O.J. and Monica Lewinsky jokes, the use of black/brown/gayface, and the twist ending (which left us convinced that Tim & Eric and David Lynch all teamed up for it after a dose of joint brain damage), Ronny Camaro will leave you perma-changed. Writer/director/star Bo Linton in person!
Dir. Bo Linton, 2003, digital presentation.

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