Hamburger: The Motion Picture

If you’re going to base a movie on a food, why waste your time with Fried Green Tomatoes or Chocolat? Give the people what they want; boobs, boners, and burgers — and don’t forget super-offensive “humor”, explodin’ fartin’ fatsos, pool parties, and race riots! Hamburger: The Motion Picture follows Russell, a 21 year-old kid (who looks 42) in need of a college degree if he wants to see one red nickel of his family’s inheritance. The one crippling handicap that prohibits this from happening: any woman that crosses his path takes off their clothes and starts fucking him. After a string of lewd ‘n nude conduct, his parents force him to attend the only college that will accept him: Busterburger U! The film’s got a whole cast of kooks sure to offend even the sleaziest of sleazebags: the horny Latino roomie, the horny MILF, the horny Mexican revolutionary, and a gaggle of other horny stereotypes, plus the Chicago Bears’ Dick Butkus as the evil drill sergeant determined to make all of their lives a living hell. Think Full Metal Jacket meets Good Burger! All of this leaving your mouth watering? Cinefamily also has you covered with a full-on burger bar, plus an all-new found footage pre-show focused on fast food/industrial training films. Viva la Video Nights!
Dir. Mike Marvin, 1986, analog presentation, 90 min.

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