VIDEO NIGHTS: Deadly Prey + Deadliest Prey (cast in person!)

Almost three years ago, Cinefamily and Everything Is Terrible! presented a rarely-seen gem of a tape called Deadly Prey late on a Tuesday night. Little did we know that this unforgettable screening would spark a series of events leading to a sequel, reuniting the original cast. If now isn’t a time to use the phrase “holyfuckingshit”, then we don’t know what is. Join us for a double feature of the original Deadly Prey, followed by the L.A. premiere of Deadliest Prey — all with present & past cast members Ted Prior, Bill Zipp and Dave Campbell in person, who’ll tell the tale of the three-decade voyage to bring both films to the screen. Their anecdotes of Chicago mobsters, Russian millionaires, and enough lite beer and fake blood to stock an apocalypse will have you begging for more!

DEADLY PREY – approx. 10:00pm
Try to imagine if Rambo was playing The Most Dangerous Game in a Battle Royale, but gayer somehow; it’s hard to describe a movie like this without putting on denim short-shorts, oiling yourself up, and serving everyone within a mile radius a knuckle sandwich. Deadly Prey is so hilariously manly, so bonafide badass, so chock-full of fists that we had to punch ourselves to be sure it wasn’t a dream. It all gets more and more insane as it all unfolds, including one of the most memorable murders in cinema history involving a man being beaten to death with his own severed arm. This silly, silly movie — it’s the Casablanca of punching!
Dir. David A Prior, 1987, analog presentation, 88 min.

DEADLIEST PREY – approx. midnight
All your favorite straight-to-video stars have returned for more punching, more screaming, and more severed body parts flying all over the woods. Ted Prior returns as Mike Danton, the most badass Vietnam vet you’d never hope to meet. When Hogan (Dave Campbell) is released from prison (he had a good lawyer, we guess?), there’s only one thing on his mind: to hunt Danton down — but not before putting webcams all over the forest, where the world can watch the carnage live on the Web. It’s just the kind of insanity one would expect from director David Prior (Sledgehammer, Future Zone, Killer Workout.) Also co-starring Zack Carlson (formerly of Alamo Drafthouse), Dimitri Simakis (Everything Is Terrible!) and Suki-Rose Etter (Everything Is Festival!) as a trio of bodacious computer hackers!
Dir. David A Prior, 2013, digital presentation.

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “Deadly Prey & Deadliest Prey”!