VIDEO NIGHTS: Cyborg Saturday (feat. "Manborg" [West Coast premiere!] and "Eliminators")

Suit up, Super Cybernauts! Video Nights brings you a robotical double-header celebration of the eternal struggle between man and machine. First up, the West Coast premiere of Manborg! This giddy, gleeful throwback to ‘80s man-bot cinema (think RoboCop and Cyborg) will blow you away with its low-budget allure and high-budget heart. Hell has risen from below and taken over the Earth, and even a ragtag group of rebels can’t put a stop to Count Draculon and his minions. Who will save the world and kick the bad dudes back to Hell? The title says it all: Manborg will leave you feeling nostalgic and jealous of those with mechanical bods. As if that isn’t enough action for one night, we’re proud to present a rare 35mm print of perhaps the greatest cyborg-ninja-cowboy-scientist movie ever made. Eliminators combines everything you love about ‘80s cinema, all wrapped up in one shiny, goofy metal package. Everything Is Terrible! will also be there to give a brief history of cyborg-cinema with a mondo mix that will melt your metal face and boil your bionic eyes! Manborg cast/crew members in person!
Manborg Dir. Steven Kostanski, 2011, digital presentation, 70 min.
Eliminators Dir. Peter Manoogian, 1986, 35mm, 96 min.

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “Cyborg Saturday”!

Watch the trailer for “Manborg”!
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Watch the trailer for “Eliminators”!
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