VIDEO NIGHTS: Cards of Death (U.S. premiere, filmmaker in person!)

A sneak peek at the first release from BLEEDING SKULL! VIDEO — the new joint venture between Mondo and the peerless movie review site Bleeding Skull. Plus, filmmaker in person! Shadows stalk the night. Some belong to desperate men in hobo masks, others to knife-wielding New Wave dominatrixes, all cast against the urine-soaked asphalt by the throbbing pulse of sex-colored neon and remorseless gunfire. Unseen since its brief Japanese-only VHS release, this slasher holy grail is a celebration of mankind’s basest sins: cocaine, masochism, gambling, alcoholism and worse are paraded like courtroom evidence in a trial against the human race. The answer to “Who’s to blame?” is shocking: W.G. MacMillan, the hard-times tough guy from Romero’s The Crazies and Eastwood’s The Enforcer who’s had a long, fruitful career in TV. This makes MacMillan a major anomaly in camcorder horror: a seasoned Hollywood professional. Yet he attacked this project with such visceral gusto that you’d assume he’d bubbled up from the sewer, rather than the bright lights of Movieland USA. Goddamn it, they should hand out medals for that kind of thing. Mr. MacMillan, we salute you.
Dir. W. G. MacMillan, 1986, analog presentation, approx. 90 min.

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