VIDEO NIGHTS: A Video Nights Christmas Smorgasboard (feat. "Elves"!)

The holiday season is that special time when you don’t necessarily want to die, but you kind of don’t want to be alive anymore. It’s basically one month-long panic attack — and, try as you may, you know there’s no escaping. The found-footagers at Everything Is Terrible! know exactly how you feel, and have gone to great lengths to find the most shit-brained content ever made for the season. Don’t run from the cloying ads, the repetitive music, and the mushy-gushyness of it all; you know it’ll find you and hunt you down eventually, so just accept your fate and enjoy the weirdness. Cozy up by the proverbial fireplace with EIT!’s Ghoul Skool, as he takes you on a holiday rollercoaster ride of old ads, TV specials, public access freakouts and more. Want to know the connection between the elves and the Nazis? LET’S FIND OUT AS A FAMILY as we watch the bafflingly perfect 1989 videomatic nugget Elves, starring Dan Haggerty (of “Grizzly Adams” fame) battling genetically engineered Xmas monsters born out of Hitler’s slimy plans for world domination (whew!)
Elves Dir. Jeffrey Mandel, 1989, analog presentation, 89 min.

Watch the trailer for “Elves”!
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