VIDEO NIGHTS: 777 (cast and crew in person!)

Tucson, Arizona is a weirrrrrrd place to be a teenager: no natural water for hundreds of miles, poisonous snakes and bugs, and to top it all, you’re in fucking high school. In 1997, a group of freshmen wanted something more, so they borrowed their parents’ camcorders, whipped up gallons of fake blood, and spent over two years making 777. What they may have been trying to achieve, we’ll never know, but what they came up with is truly bizarre and equally astonishing; fans of Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation will appreciate the heart these kids had. In it, a serial killer kills his mother, then another serial killer, and then he meets an additional serial killer — and then a different serial killer tries to kill the serial killer. S.O.V. (Shot On Video) Horror like this comes rarely in a lifetime, and we are super-proud to be the first theater in the world to screen this lost gem. Plus, the cast and crew are reuniting from all across the country for this event!

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “777″!