UP FROM THE DEPTHS: The Sexorcists

***Uber-rare screening alert!*** This tripped-out, early-70s new age encounter group sexy sendup, set at an Esalen-like health spa on the California coast, has long been one of the great white whales of sexploitation cinema—so elusive and rare, even we haven’t seen it yet. From the Temple of Schlock website: “Dr. Voxuber (Steven Vincent) is operating a mysterious ‘Health Spa’ training center at a rustic retreat on the California coast known as Godiva Springs. After interviewing fifty weirdly assorted people he selects eight for his next session. With this unlikely group in tow, Dr. Voxuber puts them through a strange series of exercises and rituals designed to make them aware of their bodies in a way they haven’t ever dreamed about.” Interestingly, this was the only film directed by TV and film scribe Louis Garfinkel, who after this mind- and libido-expanding freakout went on to create the story for The Deer Hunter. Don’t miss this one-time-only 35mm screening!

Dir. Louis Garfinkle, 1971, 35mm, 92 min.