UP FROM THE DEPTHS - Schoolgirl Report 2: What Keeps Parents Awake at Night

Time-honored, taste-tested, mother-approved — the long-running German sex comedy series Schoolgirl Report spawned instant box office success in Europe, a total of 14 films, and a solid reputation as some of the kookiest in counterculture pop art erotica. Following the success of Italian mondo films depicting the disturbing “reality” of human life around the globe, some enterprising German producers took it one step further by smashing this template together with the saucy Scandinavian flavor of I Am Curious (Yellow), and bright, zippy soundtracks by mod master Gert Wilden. The result: a “life on the street” look at all the trouble young nymphets were getting into around Deutschland, featuring “candid” interviews and naughty scenarios amply balancing bare flesh with wink-wink rib-nudging. Though the passage of time has lessened the “shocking” nature on display, the fashions, hairstyles and free-for-all natural nudity all add up to a refreshing step back to a more innocent time — one when the mere thought of an unmarried young girl getting it on with someone of her own free will was enough to send the establishment into spasms of moral outrage. Come romp with us!
Dir. Ernst Hofbauer, 1971, 35mm, 91 min.

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