UP FROM THE DEPTHS: Programmers' Birthday Jam (feat. "Nunzio")

“You’ll feel so good after you see ‘Nunzio’.” — original Nunzio poster tagline

We’re sure that, in some of the public’s eye, everything we program at Cinefamily is an indulgence, but know that there are things we program for your betterment — and there’s things we do purely because we like the ridiculous way they sound. Plus, it’s Bret’s, Tom’s and Hadrian’s birthday all in January, so we felt like indulging ourselves a little bit. What do you get the film programmer who has everything? A film they’ve never heard of, or indeed, a film no one’s ever heard of. 1978’s “feel-good” Nunzio, starring David Proval (Gandolfini’s antagonist on The Sopranos) as a mentally-challenged Italian-American delivery boy who dreams of being a superhero, fits the bill. It’s never appeared on any home video format, only a single extant clip of it lives on YouTube — and, most importantly — only one person in our extended film freak circle claims to have viewed it as a tiny child. And he can’t remember anything about it beyond that. Take the plunge with us, as we figure out what the hell we’re in for together, on the big screen, live as it unfurls. The power of discovery compels you!!
Dir. Paul Williams, 1978, 35mm, 85 min.

Watch the only clip of “Nunzio” we could find!
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