UP FROM THE DEPTHS: Pigs (New 2k Restoration w/ Toni Lawrence in person!)

Out on blu ray from Vinegar Syndrome – March 29th!

Character actor Marc Lawrence (The Man With the Golden Gun, Marathon Man) wrote, directed & cast his very own daughter in this Last House on the Left-esque descent into psychological depravity. Lynn Webster (Toni Lawrence) moves to an aptly-secluded California town and takes a job as a waitress working for an ex-circus performer (played by her father), who oddly keeps a pen of 12 ravenous pigs whose appetite is allegedly only satiated by human flesh!

Clearly a large influence on the markedly goofier Motel Hell, Pigs is a singular slice of 70s American independent sleaze, delving deep into a visceral world of of psychological, claustrophobic tension fueled by cinematographer Glenn Roland (Ilsa, She Wolf of the S.S.), aggressive sound design and an eerie, haunting score from Charles Bernstein (Gator, A Nightmare on Elm Street). Star Toni Lawrence joins us in person to present the brand new 2k restoration (from Vinegar Syndrome) of the director’s cut!

Dir. Marc Lawrence, 1972, 2k DCP Restoration, 80 min.

Watch the Cinefamily original trailer!