“Could this be the missing link between “Mad Max” and “The Passion of The Christ”?” — Trash Palace

Purely, we just wanna check this out on the big screen, because we’ve heard so much strange stuff about this one. One of the more salient weirdo titles from the post-Easy Rider/post-Billy Jack hangover era, J.C. is “the Jesus biker movie”. Our hero feels from his religious nut of a father, and to rebel against his pop’s righteous ways, kickstarts a dogmatic biker gang and leads an LSD-soaked campaign against The Man. How can ya go wrong with biker buddies like a bald menace named “Mr. Clean”, and drug-induced visions of God’s winking eye? Join us on the one-way path to biker salvation!
Dir. William F. McGaha, 1972, 35mm, 99 min.

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