UNDERGROUND USA: INDIE CINEMA OF THE 80s - Vortex (w/ Scott B, James Russo, Steven Fierberg & Richard Edson in person!)

Live Set by DJ Totally Abuse

Fixtures of the No Wave scene, Beth B and Scott B (of the cheekily named “B Movies”) were known for their rough-around-the-edges no-and-low budget 8mm films, developed in the collaborative incubator of 80s New York’s arty and punkish downtown world. Vortex—a film noir-inspired oddity and the pinnacle of their collaborations—is a quintessentially underground paranoia infused trip, helmed by frequent collaborator Lydia Lunch (of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks) as a detective sucked into a labyrinthine world of corporate defense contracts, alongside the likes of James Russo, Bill Rice, Haoui Montaug, Richard Prince, Brent Collins, and Ann Magnusen, plus music by Richard Edson, Lunch herself, and more.

Dir. Beth B & Scott B, 1982, Digital Presentation from 1” analog video master, 90 min.

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