UNDERGROUND USA: Indie Cinema of the 80s - The Underground USA Mixtape!

Descend into the depths of our programmers’ research with Cinefamily Mixtapes, guided tours of our pet subjects of the moment! Our curators are obsessive researchers, who look far and wide for ephemera that has fallen through the cracks, and rarities that have never graced the big screen. Join programmers Tom, and Marcus for this grab bag as informative as it is entertaining—a night where bonus material is the star.

Take a peek behind the curtain and come see the treasures our programmers have amassed while putting together the Underground USA series! The 80s brought us ubiquitous technologies—home video, cable television, cheap camcorders—and in turn, people made things like CRAZY. So much was documented, from music videos (born in the 80s!) and experimental short films, to obscure commercials for punk underground businesses, alternative and public access TV, and local reports about today’s music (Nashville Does New Wave). With materials culled from the deepest darkest recesses of American media, we’ve got the 80s media boom covered. So join us for some regional hip hop, punk rock, proto-grunge, underground NYC club scenes, AND MORE!

Watch the Cinefamily original trailer!