UNDERGROUND USA: INDIE CINEMA OF THE 80S - Jonathan Demme Presents: Made in Texas

Co-presented by Production For Use

In the spring of 1981, Jonathan Demme visited Austin, Texas, where he ate BBQ, listened to punk rock, and looked at the work of a number of local independent filmmakers. Impressed by what he saw, Demme arranged for a program of Austin short films to be screened at the Collective for Living Cinema in New York City, a prestigious avant­ garde film collective of which he was a member. On October 10, 1981, the first Saturday evening after the Collective’s summer hiatus, Jonathan Demme Presents: Made in Texas – New Films From Austin was featured, including Speed of Light, Fair Sisters, Mask of Sarnath, Death of a Rock Star, Leonard Jr., and Invasion of the Aluminum People, six films that represent the punk rock and DIY aesthetic of Austin in the 1980s. The night it showed, the Collective was so crowded they had to turn people away and make the screening standing room only. This new restoration, made possible under the guidance of Austin Film Society and Production For Use’s Louis Black, is concerned with preserving the unique cultural moment of Austin in the late 70s and early 80s.

Dir. Louis Black, Missy Boswell, Brian Hansen, Tom Huckabee, Ed Lowery & Lorrie Oschatz, 1981, DCP Restoration, 116 min.

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