UNDERGROUND USA: INDIE CINEMA OF THE 80s - DRESS UP PARTY: Desperately Seeking Susan (w/ Susan Seidelman and Rosanna Arquette in person)

Co-presented by Women of Cinefamily

The ultimate poster child of 80s fashion, Madonna is at her most iconic in Desperately. Channel Madge, from her infamous jacket to layers of jewelry and lace, at this sure to be candy-colored-feast-for-the-eyes Cinefamily DRESS UP PARTY!

Seidelman’s sophomore feature crash-lands us smack in the middle of a decade where baby pink and faded turquoise are so ubiquitous that even the Jersey suburbs look like a facsimile of Miami Beach. In Susan’s world, the exception to this rule is found in a dilapidated lower Manhattan, home to the punks and weirdos whose studded, slapdash get-ups give the finger to the era’s uptight yuppies. In the rift between pastel luxury and St. Mark’s Place escapism lies Rosanna Arquette’s repressed Roberta, whose daily dose of excitement comes from tracking a woman—Madonna’s similarly-mononymous “Susan”—via a trail of newspaper personal ads. Hopping through NYC’s grittiest ‘hoods on a quest to learn more about Susan’s life (and, ultimately, her own), Roberta’s story offers a screwball drama-comedy for a second-wave feminist set where women aren’t judged for their choices, and no one has to buck their true nature to find their most liberated self.

Dir. Susan Seidelman, 1985, 35mm, 104 min.

Followed by a party on the patio!

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