Live Set from DJ Mr.Pharmacist (aka Gregg Foreman)(Cat Power/The PharmacyRadio)

Before the film Jeff “The Dude” Dowd will share stories of his work on Blood Simple, and stick around after the film for a chance to grill “The Dude” in a Q&A!

This classic dust-coated neo-noir tracks four seedy lowlifes as they backstab, shoot, screw, and bury each other in the Texas wastelands, with M. Emmet Walsh sweating up the screen as the most crooked, creepy private eye ever to populate the Coen Brothers’ universe! Also featuring future Oscar-winner Frances McDormand as an adulterous wife trying to loosen the grip of scummy husband Dan Hedaya, the sparse story here takes a back seat to the Coens’ mindbending visual style, complete with tense, awe-inspiring camerawork from masterful DP Barry Sonnenfeld. Walsh outdoes even himself during the unforgettable, nail-biting climax involving a loaded gun, two adjacent apartments, and some very fragile drywall. Come catch the performance that won M. Emmet the 1986 Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead, and see where two decades’ worth of smart, stylish thrillers got their indie 80s inspiration.

Dir. Joel Coen, 1984, 35mm, 99 min.

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