Unarius TV: A Public Access Awakening (6/1)

The incredible, multifaceted mosaic of Unarius’ video outreach epitomizes what Cinefamily loves most about cable-TV public access, with dramatic stagings, pageantry, surreal talk shows and mesmerising video “psychodramas.” As interest in public access TV exploded, Unarius were pioneers on the ground-level, beaming their messages of love and space brotherhood to all corners of the country — and in the process, snagging a cult following of hardcore videoheads alongside the true believers. These small-screen efforts will snag you too, for they are huge on heart, unfettered creative expression and heaping handfuls of high weirdness. Tonight, see Unarius’ public access greatest hits, an onstage Q&A with Unarius members, and a full screening of Unarius’ most controversial video work: the banned, pre-Civil War-era yarn Ballad of Annabel Lee!

Watch an excerpt of Unarius’ “Lemuria Rising”!

Watch an excerpt of Unarius “The Decline and Destruction of the Orion Empire”!