Unarius TV: A Public Access Awakening (5/31, hosted by Jello Biafra!)

The incredible, multifaceted mosaic of Unarius’ video outreach epitomizes what Cinefamily loves most about cable-TV public access, with dramatic stagings, pageantry, surreal talk shows and mesmerising video “psychodramas.” As interest in public access TV exploded, Unarius were pioneers on the ground-level, beaming their messages of love and space brotherhood to all corners of the country — and in the process, snagging a cult following of hardcore videoheads alongside the true believers. These small-screen efforts will snag you too, for they are huge on heart, unfettered creative expression and heaping handfuls of high weirdness. Tonight’s show is hosted by Jello Biafra! See Unarius’ public access greatest hits, an onstage Q&A with Unarius members, and a full screening of one of their most unusual gestalt TV works: The Decline and Destruction of the Orion Empire: Part 4. Plus, Don Bolles (fearless leader ov thee Fancy Space People) will be here to DJ!

Watch an excerpt of Unarius’ “Lemuria Rising”!

Watch an excerpt of Unarius “The Decline and Destruction of the Orion Empire”!