Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me rates as one of Lynch’s most shattering works, a true horror film that shocks and haunts the viewer long after the final frame. Following the secret, sordid life of golden girl Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) as she descends into drug-fueled madness due to years of abuse at the hands of her possibly possessed father (an incredible Ray Wise), the film eschews much of the show’s lighter touches for hysteria and terror – a choice that suits the dark roads leading to Laura’s inevitable outcome. Surrealistic flourishes abound, brought on in part by Laura’s chemically-induced mania but also as mythology elements, like the infamous Black Lodge – a disembodied location where strange characters deliver cryptic messages to future hero Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan). Aside from the cast regulars the film also features cameos from Lynch himself, crooner Chris Isaak and a particularly bizarre and wonderful turn from the late great David Bowie.

According to Lynch himself, a refresher-viewing of Fire Walk With Me is highly recommended before indulging in Twin Peaks Season 3…

Dir. David Lynch, 1992, DCP, 135 min.