TV TUESDAYS: Mondo News Show!

Forget reality shows, game shows and sports spectaculars — the nightly news is the weirdest shit on television. Striving to create a faux-civilized zone for robotic specimens to rattle off the ills of the day in stilted tones, the makers of infotainment are still unable to throttle the rare moments in which raw human funkiness threatens to completely derail the proceedings. Us silly souls thrill to those haunting instances where Freudian slips, absurdist technical gaffes and the pure insanity/hostility/lust/middle-class existential confusion of it all rear their epically hilarious heads as we stare, unprepared. Join us as we celebrate the finest in out-of-control news show filmflam with laugh-til-it-hurts bloopers, egotistical rages caught on tape, and accidentally avant-garde runaway graphics. Plus, as the centerpiece of the night, comedian Gregg Turkington will be with us to present a recently-unearthed slice of footage literally unseen by anyone in thirty years: Phoenix anchorman Bill Close taken hostage live on the air in 1982 by a schizophrenic brandishing both a gun and a manifesto about country music, Islam, nuclear bombs and future cities to be populated only by men!

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “Mondo News Show”!