TV TUESDAYS: Linda Blair in "Born Innocent"

“Whether she’s carving her initials in her forearm with a heated bobby pin or slapping a schoolmarm upside the head, [Linda] Blair lends a natural believability” —

One of the most notorious TV movies ever broadcast, starring Linda Blair, straight from her humongous success in The Exorcist! After routinely running away from a dismal home life, the court sees it fit to toss 14-year-old Chris (Blair) into girls’ reform school purgatory. Once she’s immediately savaged upon arrival by the hardened hordes of teen troublemakers, Blair takes on the long journey to herself become a manipulative sociopath that can rival with the best of them. Best known for the single most boundary-pushing act of violence shown on network television at the time — Blair’s shower rape at the hands of villainous rivals wielding a toilet plunger — Born Innocent is a much more complex, rewarding viewing experience than its exploitation elements might suggest: its rendering of the disorienting boredom, arbitrary rules and heinous humanity present in the juvenile court system presents one of the most realistic portraits of teens-in-captivity you’ll likely ever see. AND IT’S TOTALLY BADASS.
Dir. Donald Wrye, 1974, 16mm, 98 min.

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