TV TUESDAYS: The Best of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (Norman Lloyd in person!)

The playfully sinister theme swells, the instantly familiar caricature appears, and our rotund host shuffles into frame, shrouded in silhouette — signalling a crackerjack, nod-and-a-wink night out with the murderous maestro. An immediate hit due to its extremely high level of craftsmanship both in front of and behind the camera (including scripts by giants Ray Bradbury and Robert Bloch), the suspense anthology show Alfred Hitchcock Presents ran for ten fantastic seasons, with every episode bookended by Hitchcock’s impeccably timed, droll commentary on the fate of the poor fictional souls caroming around its confines. In conjunction with this month’s “Hitchcock B-Sides & Rarities” series, we not only present some of our favorite episodes, but we also are tickled pink to have Norman Lloyd: not only Hitch’s longtime collaborator on the show, but also a world-class raconteur with a voluminous knowledge of pretty much everyone and everything in Hollywood. Norman’s been a showbiz vet for the past eight decades, so you should make a point of hanging out with him and with us for this banner evening, as he regales us with bon mots on the Hitch tip!

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