TV TUESDAYS: A Tribute To "Inside Out"

What would happen if you mixed the unpredictable oddness of The Twilight Zone, the titillation of the Playboy Channel and the scrappy wiles of the filmmaking talent from the ‘90s indie/music video boom? Inside Out was Playboy’s long-running anthology show focusing on “Erotic Tales Of The Unexpected”, with “unexpected” being a key word in the mix — and then-up-and-coming craftsman like Alexander Payne, Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) and Wally Pfister (cinematographer to Christopher Nolan) lending their eye. It’s certainly the weirdest thing that Hefner & Co. ever lent the Playboy brand name to, for it’s simultaneously playful, willfully obtuse, creepy, existential, Kafka-esque and (if you’re in the mood) stimulating. Bounce along with us as we survey the show’s history in both a custom video mix highlighting its most out-there segments, and some of our favorite shorts in their entirety. The big revelations here are the ones starring Joe Frank (the Peabody Award-winning king of confessional radio drama), and the shorts Alexander Payne directed (get ready for The Houseguest, all about a businesswoman who takes in a crazy homeless guy for some not-very-erotic art film freakout fun!)

Watch a very odd (and very NSFW) excerpt of Joe Frank’s “Inside Out” segment “The Hitchhiker”!