TV Tuesday: Mondo Game Show (feat. Richard Dawson tribute & "The Running Man"!)

In a not-too-long-ago era before the current daytime network infotainment glut, our airwaves deliciously overflowed with a parade of mid-day Caligula-esque bread ‘n circuses gaming spectacles, conducted solely for the pleasure of a nationwide throng of septugenarian shut-ins and stoned college students. These phantasmagorical game show curiosities, nearly extinct from today’s on-air schedule, were a bounty of neon-hued, Yellow Submarine-inspired geometric wonderland sets, a revolving-door array of tanked hosts ‘n zonked guests, gameplay rules seemingly conjured out of an opium den nightmare, and inane-in-the-membrane catchy theme songs that remain forever burrowed into our collective hippocampus. In celebration of Cinefamily’s eternal fascination with all things vintage game show, TV Tuesday proudly gives you an epic mondo mix featuring the most outrageous moments from your favorite classics, even more stultifying moments from unsold pilots and broadcast flops, and highlights from the rarely-seen documentary Big Bucks: The “Press Your Luck” Scandal (involving the notorious 1984 contestant who laughed all the way to the bank by gaming the system!) After the break, we present our loving tribute to our favorite game show host of all-time — the late, great Richard Dawson — with a selection of his unflappable humor from “Family Feud”, and a rare 35mm screening of The Running Man (starring Dawson as the evil host of the dystopian game show out for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s blood!)
The Running Man Dir. Paul Michael Glaser, 1987, 35mm, 101 min.

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “Mondo Game Show”!

Watch the trailer for “The Running Man”!
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