TV TUESDAYS: I Want My EZTV (feat. "Blonde Death")

Co-presented by ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, in conjunction with their exhibit/screening EZTV: Video Transfer

Before Cinefamily found its home in the Fairfax District’s cozy confines, another collective based around bringing a far-and-wide community together under one crazy multimedia umbrella took root in West Hollywood, just a few minutes away! Occupying a juicy nexus point between the realms of gallery video installation, filmmaking collective, cable public access station and nascent VHS label, EZTV — with an office/storefront theater seated right on Santa Monica Blvd. — was a product of the explosive creative energy emerging from L.A.’s Eighties video art scene. Its resident artists, denied access to the closed-loop worlds of both Hollywood and mainstream museums, made their own damn DIY world happen — and judging by the outfit’s treasure trove of seriously cool programming, did it quite spectacularly. Thanks to our friends at the ONE Archives (the world’s largest LGBT media archive), tonight’s slate is culled from the very best and most strange the EZTV universe has to offer, including campy music videos, out-there short films, EZTV’s own in-house trailers/promos, and a 30th Anniversary screening of the collective’s first homebrew hit: the John Waters-inspired, neo-J.D. melodrama Blonde Death, partially filmed clandestinely inside Disneyland!

A hyper-transgressive, shot-on-video crime rager — a “Bonnie & Clyde & Clyde” for the Reagan era, replete with endlessly quotable dialogue, a local hardcore punk soundtrack and infectious bubblegum nihilism and scenes shot under the cloak of secrecy inside the borders of Disneyland! Soon after moving to Orange County with her absent father and scheming Christian stepmother, Tammy the “teenage time-bomb” is kidnapped and led into a life of senseless violence by her two bisexual, escaped-convict companions Link and Troy. Produced for only $1,000 and rich with outrageous lines like “I’m gonna give you a scaldin’ Clorox enema!”, this truly fearless work by James Dillinger (aka playwright/novelist/anarchist James Robert Baker) was to be his only feature film before his suicide in the mid-’80s. It’s the smartest, sickest piece of New Wave cultural criticism you’ve never heard of — and it’s gonna blow the roof off your dinky dome.
Dir. James Dillinger, 1984, analog presentation, 98 min.

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “I Want My EZTV”!