TV Tuesday: Deconstructing "21 Jump Street" (filmmakers of remake in person!)

Those who’ve seen the new hit comedy 21 Jump Street know it’s a great time at the movies, and considering what one might expect from a 2012 adaptation based on a decades-old TV show, it’s almost unreasonably funny. But, unbeknownst to us until just recently, it turns out that that O.G. TV show is rife with (ahem!) HFS potential. Johnny Depp stars as a baby-faced cop forced into a secret multiculti division of youthful officers who — in a near meta-parody of Hollywood’s overaged “youth” casting — are sent back to high school as undercover narcs. No one notices they’re all clearly older than most grad students, probably because their schoolmates also look like they could be the teachers. And since it’s a hard-hitting, issues-based teen drama, every episode is a “very special episode”, dealing with everything from crack cocaine to teen prostitution — making “21 Jump Street” a veritable factory du fromage, steadily pumping out those prized moments of HFS gold when network TV monotony is broken by an eyebrow-raising left turn into a slushy mixture of sincerity and silliness. Join 21 Jump Street screenwriter Michael Bacall and co-director Phil Lord as they spend an evening together with us deconstructing the original show’s tropes and craziest moments!

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